Best Sunglasses Brands for Surfers

Surfing may seem like modern sport but it's been around far longer than we think. Nowadays surfing has been a favourite past time in Australia. Our coast is dotted with ideal locations that produce monstrous waves while doing a hang ten. Surfing also means that staying out in the sun

Check Out These Summer Trends for Sunnies

Summer feels like it’s right around the corner especially when it feels like the temperature is rising again. The urge to head outside is becoming increasingly strong but before you do, make sure to bring your favourite sunglasses. Every year there are sunglasses trends that help shape your wardrobe and

5 Fashionable Sunglasses for Men from Dragon

Dragon sunglasses have set out to be the leading eyewear and accessories brand for the active youth lifestyle market. Most of its marketing has been done around supporting the best and most renowned athletes with its robust product lineup. Dragon makes sure to hold close connections with its core retailers

Top 6 Polarised Sunglasses Below $100

Polarised sunglasses have always been quite popular amongst those people who spend a lot of time outdoors, and for good reason too. There are so many surfaces that produce glare such as water, snow, and glass. Polarised sunglasses can be useful for certain sports, when driving, and whenever people would

Why Sunglasses Are Important During Winter

  If you think the cold weather is reason enough to stop wearing sunglasses, think again. Just because it doesn’t feel like summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing those sunglasses from Great Southern Sunnies. The sun can be unforgiving all-year-round and winter is no exception. Your eyes need to

Best Sunglasses For Your Next Skiing Trip

Your next out of town trip just might be around the corner and we’re sure that buying sunglasses is on your “to buy” list. We’ve come up with some of the best sunglasses you can buy to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun while still looking

Best Sunglasses for Petite Faces

The search for a perfect pair of sunglasses is on! But when you have a small face, finding one that won’t dwarf your features can be challenging. The best pair for petite faces can be found in our arsenal of sunnies, all of which are readily available to you when

How Caring For Your Sunglasses Keeps Them in Mint Condition

  You have finally found the perfect pair of sunglasses. Congratulations! You have invested quite an amount of your time looking through many brands and models, deciding whether each one would fit well on your face and with your lifestyle. Finally owning it can feel exhilarating. We have come up

5 Popular Sunglasses Brands for Women

The summer months bring in the need for women to whip out those chic shades as the perfect way to compliment any outfit, whether it may be lounging on the beach or strolling around the streets. These sunglasses also protect your face from the glare and UV rays of the

Sunglasses Styles That Never Go Out of Fashion

If you are looking to add an accessory to your outfit, you might have considered a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses often give the wearer a more put-together look, making the entire ensemble look more sleek and streamlined. Offering protection from the harmful rays of the sun, investing in a pair