5 Fashionable Sunglasses for Men from Dragon

5 Fashionable Sunglasses for Men from Dragon

Dragon sunglasses have set out to be the leading eyewear and accessories brand for the active youth lifestyle market. Most of its marketing has been done around supporting the best and most renowned athletes with its robust product lineup. Dragon makes sure to hold close connections with its core retailers and consumers though and is actually the driving force behind the company’s success and continued expansion until today.

A Brief History of the Brand

Dragon started in 1993 in a garage in Capo Beach, CA. The company’s founder, Will Howard, aimed to build a company that covered the various passions he pursued – surfing, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes. Sunglasses became Dragon’s first and still primary product due to the vast knowledge of the market it has, and with glasses being a product where many outdoor sports have an influence on. Since then, Dragon has gradually extended its creativity and reach, developing innovative and diversified products in all eyewear categories.

Top Sunglasses Styles for Men from Dragon

Dragon Domo

dragon domo

The Domo is big and bold, definitely not for the timid at all. It blends a retro style with a futuristic look, containing both hard lines and smooth finishings in its frame and lenses. Dragon’s Domo is truly awe-inspiring to behold, being a one of a kind design built with elements of progressive styling, obsessive attention to detail, and the X-factor which is uniquely Dragon’s.


Dragon Hype

dragon hype

The Hype not only makes sure you have your best foot forward with the bold and edge statement it makes, but it also ensures that you’ll be turning heads with its rounded lens silhouettes.

These glasses are designed with any environment in mind, whether it be trekking down a beaten adventure path, or catching the biggest waves under the sweltering summer sun. The Hype’s varied color options and lenses make sure there is a pair for everyone, made with the highest quality craftsmanship and durability which Dragon is known for.


Dragon Monarch


The Monarch offers a great look and quality feel to it with its slightly rounded frame and keyhole design. These glasses are a hit anywhere you can find them, whether it may be around water, snow, or land.

Dragon’s Performance Polarised lenses ensure the highest protection for your eyes from glare, giving the best clarity possible in whatever environment you may be in.


Dragon The Jam

Dragon The Jam

The Jam features a retro sport styling design with truly unique refinements. This eclectic mix made this pair an instant classic amongst Dragon’s designs and has been one of its most popular frames.

It features a unique silhouette with clean lines and a double nose bridge shape. These glasses are made for all environments and are available in multiple Polarised and H2O floatable styles. Lens coating options include Hydrophobic and Oleophobic lenses, all contained in a lightweight frame material that floats on water. Indeed, a must-have for those whose lives are spent near or on the water.


Dragon Tolm

dragon tolm

The Tolm is not for the timid, and this proud style features a shield as one of its primary design elements.

Sleek lines and full coverage around the eyes are apparent in this frame, while still being lightweight, ultra-durable, and ready to wear wherever you may be. The shield lenses are 100% UV-protected, ensuring your eyes are given the best protection possible while still exuding a young and hip flair. Truly, these lenses could be one of your outfit’s best assets whether you’re hanging out at the beach or chilling by the bar.

Why Dragon Should Be Your Number 1 Choice

Dragon sunglasses have always managed to keep a close watch on the pulse of the youth and the active lifestyle adventurers. Its designs are both stylish and practical while providing the best protection possible for your eyes. As more modern trends surface and develop, you can count on Dragon to always be on the forefront as it pushes the envelope further of what eyewear could become.


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