Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Sunglasses trends come and go, but your face shapes stays the same. Each person has a different face shape so frames will look different on everyone. Because one-size-flatters-all shades unfortunately does not exist, finding the right sunglasses will be difficult if you don’t know your face shape.

So the first step to looking good in sunnies is to determine your face shape. Once you know which frame best flatters your face shape, it will be easier to choose the frame that suits you best. Then you can choose from the hundreds of sunglasses brands and styles available.

What are the face shapes?

There are four main face shapes: heart, square, round and oval. Don’t know your face shape? Let’s take a look at each face shape and determine which frame best suits each face shape.

Round Shape: People with round faces have wide foreheads, full cheeks and rounded chins. When choosing the frame for round face shapes, you need to look for styles with strong details, wider than tall lenses and nose pads for height. The goal is to add contrast to the face’s natural curves and to avoid styles that exaggerate the roundness of the face. People with round faces should not be afraid to try glasses with prints, strong brow detailing and other embellishments because these adds contrast and definition to the face.

The following styles are great for people with round faces:

Round faces should avoid the following styles:

Heart Shape: People with heart shaped faces have broad forehead, narrow jawline. Heart shape faces should look for frames wider than the forehead, light colours and details on the lower half of the frame. The goal should be to minimise the width of the top of the face and to broaden the appearance of the chin. If you have a heart shaped face then many different styles will suit you.

The following styles are suitable for people with heart shape faces:

Heart shape faces should avoid the following styles:

Oval Shape: If you have an oval face shape then consider yourself lucky! In terms of glasses, oval face shape are the most versatile. People with oval face shapes have balanced features, high cheekbones, narrow chin and should look for frames with bold shapes, fun colours and textures and a size that maintain the balance.

Styles suitable for oval faces:

Styles to avoid if you have an oval shaped face:

  • Thick, large frames
  • Glasses that look too wide

Square Shape: With a wide forehead, prominent jawline, square-shaped faces often have strong features. People with square face shape would need frames with rounded or unswept shapes, thinner frames and neutral colours. When looking for sunnies for square-shaped faces, the goal is to lengthen and soften the face.

The following styles are great for people with square-shape faces:

Styles to avoid:

There are plenty of attractive styles that suit each face shape. You can buy sunglasses online to find the best frame that accentuate your face and features. Great Southern Sunnies can help you find your ultimate sunnies. Check our store to see the different styles of sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women.

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