5 Popular Sunglasses Brands for Women

5 Popular Sunglasses Brands for Women

The summer months bring in the need for women to whip out those chic shades as the perfect way to compliment any outfit, whether it may be lounging on the beach or strolling around the streets. These sunglasses also protect your face from the glare and UV rays of the summer sun, keeping your eyes and head cool amidst the summer heat.

Essentially, sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory, the style statement to finish off that killer outfit. The search for flawless frames is not a speedy process. It’s a never-ending personal journey that involves careful online research and visits to physical retailers to try on eyewear yourself. Always remember that it’s essential that you choose frames that will suit and flatter your face shape, whilst also reflecting your own unique personality.

Classic sunglasses will never go out of style, and fun fashion shades are a great way of showing off your style credentials and personal flair. Since shopping for sunglasses is a struggle, we’re kick-starting your search with 5 label suggestions, with the most sought-after models being highlighted.


The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is a vintage-inspired sunglass with a modern edge. Known for their iconic square shape and comfortable fit, these sunglasses are recognised worldwide.

Clubmasters come with polarized lenses, keeping any hassles to a minimum. While driving or taking a stroll on a sunny day, you can feel confident that polarized sunglasses will help eliminate any glare, keeping you and your eyes safe. The thin frames are perfect for trying out classic patterns like tortoise shell or gilded designs, or if you’re more into neutrals, you could also go for classic brown or black frames.

All in all, Clubmasters are the perfect compliment to finish that summer look of any woman.

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Sunglasses made by Italy’s major fashion powerhouse, Fendi, are nothing but iconic with their square-frame sunglasses that are decked out in the label’s FF monogram. Craftsmanship and innovative skills have always distinguished Fendi from other brands and fashion houses. These are highlighted and fully transferred to the Fendi eyewear collection, created for a sophisticated, feminine and elegant woman with a strong personality.

Precious materials, refined details, and daring color combinations are all found in Fendi’s eyewear collection for a distinctive look that’s both feminine and versatile. These glasses are perfect for wearing when you’re feeling fancy which is, admittedly, all the time.


Prada has always been one of the world’s leaders in fashion, and its hallmark styling has not been lost in its line of sunglasses.

Prada’s name alone denotes high quality with a dedication to innovation and a strong tradition of craftsmanship. It is synonymous with an understated style that has always anticipated, and often dictated, new trends. Expectedly, Prada sunglasses use only the finest materials to strike the ideal balance of form and function. Their strikingly chic oversized frame shapes with thick rims will give any woman that sophisticated feel. These shades are designed to suit almost any face shape and size. Indeed, these timeless frames are the ultimate investment piece.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim glasses have always been a favourite of both casual and sophisticated women alike.

They combine excellent quality with quirky detailing to create frames that will last a lifetime. Their shades models feature subtle curves and minimalist detailing, which are hallmarks of the Maui Jim eyewear collection. They also come in distinctive butterfly shapes which are face flattering, and their lenses are perfect for reducing the glare of even the hottest days.

If you’re looking for a versatile frame you can wear on your morning run, or when it’s time to go out for lunch with the girls, then these are the perfect pick. Importantly, Maui Jim glasses won’t break the bank at all, as they come at purse-friendly prices. These are glasses you can invest in now and will probably wear them forever.

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Le Specs

Le Specs sunglasses have been recognized and worn by many influential celebrities and personalities of the current generation such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber.

What makes these glasses so sought after? They radiate an innate glamour with a flattering silhouette making them the perfect everyday shades. Le Specs glasses are often finished with a thick frame profile and the iconic Le Specs flag stripe. These glasses come in an exaggerated oversize style, made out of lightweight material, which doesn’t slide down one’s nose.

These sunglasses are what you’d want to wear if you’re people-watching or checking out that cute guy by the counter. Let the big tortoiseshell frames cover your face first, and only slip them off when you finally catch his attention.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Keeping yourself armed with a pair of mirrored sunglasses, the answer is obviously you!

Take your pick of reflective lenses in metallic and vibrant shades, or go for gradient lenses for a trendy look. As with most accessories, sunglass fashion evolves with the season. One day oversized frames are in, and the next, they’re replaced by tiny spectacles worn by the likes of celebrities and sports figures.

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