Best Sunglasses Brands for Surfers

Best Sunglasses Brands for Surfers

Surfing may seem like modern sport but it’s been around far longer than we think. Nowadays surfing has been a favourite past time in Australia. Our coast is dotted with ideal locations that produce monstrous waves while doing a hang ten. Surfing also means that staying out in the sun in long periods. How are you protecting yourself, especially your eyes, from the damaging effect of prolonged sun exposure? We at Great Southern Sunnies have a few top picks for your surfing needs.

Do I really Need Sunglasses?

The answer is pretty obvious — yes!

Sunglasses are a must, no matter what you do, and especially so when you’re out surfing. When you’re in the middle of the ocean, the sun’s rays can be intense. Because water reflects light, the glare from the sun can easily bounce off of its surface making you squint and obscuring your vision.

The wind and waves may sound appealing to many but when you’re out there, these elements can cause damage to your eyes. The most obvious reason for using sunglasses is the UV rays. The radiation can be very dangerous to our eyes and can be the reason for eye problems in the future such as glaucoma, cataracts, and even blindness. Short term exposure to the sun can also cause something called eye sunburn.

Australia is blessed with awesome waves and beautiful beach spots, but being in the southern hemisphere of the planet isn’t exactly paradise for people who enjoy the great outdoors. The sun can be particularly harsh in this region so whenever you’re out surfing (or out and about in general), it’s best to grab a pair of your favourite sunglasses.

What to Look For in Sunglasses for Surfers

Sunglasses for surfers are generally made to withstand the elements more so than a regular pair of sunglasses. There are goggles available so it won’t easily fall off and some brands boast of using materials that are more durable than others.


One of the first things you want to watch out for is its material. Sunglasses are made of plastic or metal and both offer a slew of benefits. Metal sunglasses are generally more durable and offer the best strength especially when you do extreme sports. However, they can put on weight on your nose and ears which will make wearing them uncomfortable after a period of time.

Plastic, on the other hand, is lightweight but tends to crack more easily. There are also materials that have a combination of silicon in them which adds to its durability, flexibility and strength. It all boils down to what you prefer to use when you’re out surfing.


How many times have you replaced your sunglasses because they keep breaking or cracking? Choosing the best sunglasses for surfers isn’t as easy as 1-2-3 when we’re talking about durability. You want to invest in a pair of sunglasses that will endure the harsh elements.


Sunglasses that are heavy will never be comfortable on the face. Make sure to choose a pair that offers a lightweight wear but is also durable.



Fit and Comfort

Sunglasses that fall off when you’re looking down? Too loose. Marks around your ears after wearing a pair for too long? Too tight. Choosing a pair of sunglasses that fits well and is also comfortable is a good reason why you should take your time choosing sunglasses. It’s not just about the size too; there are other design features that come into play when you choose sunglasses.

Check if there are any paddings, and if so, they should be in the right places. If it comes with a strap, is it adjustable? These and other unique features to the model of sunglasses come into play when you make a decision.

Strength of Lenses

We’re not just talking about UV protection here, but also how durable the lenses are. You’ll be exposing it to harsh or extreme elements very often so you want a pair of sunglasses that have lenses that won’t easily crack and are scratch-resistant.

Anti-fogging ventilation

It can be pretty annoying when you have to take off your sunglasses just because you have to wipe off the inner lenses. This annoyance can easily be remedied if the lenses have an anti fogging feature. Fogging can also affect vision which can be pretty dangerous when you’re out hitting waves.


Being around water means that there’s the possibility of it falling off your face, regardless of how good a fit they provide. When you’re in the water it’s best to have a pair that floats so you can easily grab them. Most shades tend to sink and it would be a bummer to lose your favourite pair of sunnies just because.

Polarised Lenses: Yes or No?

We’re sure you’ve seen some sunglasses models that have polarised lenses and while they look practically the same with ones that have “regular” lenses, that’s where the similarities end.

Do you find yourself squinting when you look at the ocean? Polarised lenses help cut down the sun’s glare which is reflected on surfaces such as water or snow. These lenses have been coated with a special film that does the trick. Most surfers and beachgoers choose sunnies that have polarised lenses for better vision and to lessen any mishap from happening.

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