Best Sunglasses for Petite Faces

Best Sunglasses for Petite Faces

The search for a perfect pair of sunglasses is on!

But when you have a small face, finding one that won’t dwarf your features can be challenging.

The best pair for petite faces can be found in our arsenal of sunnies, all of which are readily available to you when you check out.

Watch Out for These First

No matter your face shape, or what design you’re more inclined to get, there are certain factors for you to consider beforehand.

UV Protection

Believe it or not, not all sunglasses were made equally.

Check whether the pair of shades you want offers UV 400 protection — usually this means that it protects your delicate eyesight from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Both types of ultraviolet rays are harmful to humans; one causes eye damage, cancer, and other health risks or conditions while the other causes sunburn.

You’ll know if it has UV protection when there is a holographic sticker or care card that comes with your purchase. All sunglasses from Great Southern Sunnies have UV protection.


Polarised? Dark grey? Reflective? So many choices!

The type of lens you end up choosing depends largely on what you intend to use the shades for. Case in point: You are going on a road trip and headed to the mountains with family and friends.

Lenses that are polarised might be your best choice as these provide excellent protection not only against UV rays, but will also minimise glare as you admire the view of snow capped mountains.


Nowadays, many buyers opt for plastic as these are made of pretty hardy material and can withstand most outdoor activities. However, you may choose metal frames that are equally as sturdy. Make sure to take proper care of them.


Another thing you might want to consider is how much it will cost you to buy a new pair of sunglasses. Going for high quality and reliable shades aren’t cheap; they can be costly if you aren’t prepared. However, think of it as an investment that is beneficial to your overall health. Its main purpose is to protect your eyes and when you splurge on a pair that is guaranteed to safeguard you from harmful UV rays, then you’ve got yourself a winner!

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Best Sunglasses Styles for Petite Faces


The wayfarer, when bought at the right size, is the perfect pair of shades for small to semi- medium faces. It has such a classic and timeless style that has stood the test of time.

When buyer wayfarers, nothing beats buying the original that started it all: go for a pair of small Ray Ban wayfarers. These are the perfect size for petite faces like yours. It is made of strong plastic material and comes with an iconic RayBan lens case.


Who said aviators are only to be worn by pilots?

Another classic style that goes well with most face shapes, the aviator style of shades is a strong choice for those who have small faces since its overall design complements the wearer well. Made of metal materials, the aviator is a no-nonsense pair of shades that is not only stylish, but also functional.

Many brands have come out with their own version of an aviator, but the Gucci 062 will be an awesome addition to your closet.

Cat Eye

Cat eye sunglasses are fashionable and sophisticated styles that petite faces can easily carry. With its upswept design, the face is instantly given a lifted effect (think of it as Botox on the go!)

The Fendi 323 uses metal frames to give your face a shapely impression. Its take on the cat eyes is geometric and modern, reminiscent of art deco architecture and design.

For Sports

Shades can really take a beating from outdoor activities, especially extreme ones, so it’s best to choose from a brand known for its offering of sporty sunglasses.

Great Southern Sunnies offers shades from brands such as Oakley, Arnette, and Von Zipper which are known to produce sunglasses for people who are always on the go. Many are polarised so surfing it up on the beach or going on bike trails when it is high noon shouldn’t be a problem.

Choose Great Southern Sunnies

Great Southern Sunnies takes pride in providing its clients with the best pair of sunnies possible. This is why we have chosen global brands known for their quality, style, and UV protection. While buying a pair can put a dent in your wallet, making this investment won’t be a problem when you choose to pay through AfterPay, an option that allows you to pay at a later date. Other payment options include major credit cards and PayPal.

We are proudly Australian, and we ship from Melbourne.

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