Best Sunglasses For Your Next Skiing Trip

Best Sunglasses For Your Next Skiing Trip

Your next out of town trip just might be around the corner and we’re sure that buying sunglasses is on your “to buy” list. We’ve come up with some of the best sunglasses you can buy to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun while still looking stylish.

Dragon Compass

Just one look at this pair of sunglasses and you’d immediately find out why it’s one of the hottest selling pairs this winter season.

The Compass is able to give you that perfect blend of functionality and style like no other pair can! The round shape of its injection-moulded Grilamid frame is able to complement its edgy design with the unique semi-rimless look. The lenses themselves are perfectly polarised, with the most durable form of injected polarised lens material being used. The Dragon features contoured temples with stylishly bevelled edges which provide all-around protection for the eye area, making it extremely functional for even the most challenging weather you’d encounter.

Come sun or snow, these glasses would stand out no matter where you’d be taking your ski trip, and always make sure that everyone’s eyes are looking at you.

Dragon Baile


dragon baile

Surfing and skiing have never been that far apart, with only the element you’d be riding on as the major difference. Of course, how you would look in either plays a big part with how effective you’d be when riding a surfboard or donning your pair of skis!

Three-time surfing world champion Mick Fanning, who is famously known as the man who punched a shark during a competition run, has come on board to help design the revolutionary Baile H2O sunglasses. The first thing you’d notice with the Baile is the material it’s made up of – injection-moulded Grilamid frames, which make these glasses float in any type of water environment, may it be in rivers, lakes, or oceans. The lenses themselves are made from the
latest polycarbonate manufacturing technology and offer up to 100% complete UV protection for your eyes.

You’d hardly get any glare at all even with the sun setting directly behind you, with the unique glare-resistant coating on the Baile’s lenses. Not to leave the style department behind, the Baile is a fashionable and trendy choice for anyone, making it one of the best all-around lifestyle and sports sunglasses in the market today.

Smith Optics Roam

The first thing that would catch you about the Smith Optics Roam is that this pair of sunglasses isn’t subtle at all. These glasses are for the people who actively want to stand out from the crowd and have no qualms being looked upon.

These would look great whether you may be just sitting around at the newest cafes in that posh new ski resort, or when you’ve finally decided to hit the ski slopes and trails to roam. Style has always been the defining factor of Smith sunglasses, and the Roam features a classic frame with unique and edgy design details. It also comes with flexible metal temples, and rubber padding at its bridge, making sure that comfort isn’t being sacrificed at all for style.


Smith Optics has fitted the Roam with its signature ChromaPop lens that is able to filter colour crossovers. What this means for you is that you would get the best definition wherever you may go, and this plays an important role in safety as well when all you see around you is the endless white of snow.

Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0 Snow

There are just some days that you can’t decide if you are going to wear goggles or sunglasses. The wind may be too strong, the snow too thick, and the sun too high – making it a very difficult environment for your eyes to adjust to.

The Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0 Snow is the perfect pair to wear at times like this. The first thing you’d immediately notice about it is the large, spherical frame which engulfs the entire front of the glasses, giving you an all-around coverage from the elements. Oakley’s Prizm snow lens technology has been finely-tuned in this pair for the most optimal level of light transmission whenever you’re faced with the endless white of snow at the slopes.

Indeed, this unique pair takes both confidence and a unique flair to make them work, with the serious style-setter out there in mind.

Dragon Roadblock

dragon roadblock

Skiing and surfing are like two brothers from the same womb, with many people participating in either sport be it in rivers, oceans, or mountain slopes. In all these, fitting your eyes with the best pair of sunglasses possible is vital in maximizing safety, and of course, in looking great as well!

Dragon has created the Roadblock for the adventurers who take on all the different elements in each trip. This pair is designed with rubber padding in both the nose bridge and temple areas to maximise grip and comfort. Its lightweight frame is especially created to withstand sweat and water for prolonged periods. Most importantly, the Roadblock offers 100% UV protection as well as customised Performance Polar lenses which provide your eyes the best possible protection from the sun and glare.

These work best in any water-based environment wherein the reflection from the water’s surface makes it challenging for any adventurer to keep a detailed field of vision around themselves.

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