Designer Brands That Offer Spec-tacular Sunglasses for Women

Designer Brands That Offer Spec-tacular Sunglasses for Women

Summer Dresses. Flip-flops. Sunnies. Yes, it’s that time of the year again!

It’s the season to finally show-off that beach body that you’ve been working on during the quarantine. Or that radiant skin that’s been subject to your little skincare experiments. Or your freshly bleached hair, or your new ink, or whatever you want the world to see. You can finally go out there and have fun under the sun.  

Just make sure that you put your sunnies on wherever your feet will take you. You may love some sunshine, but your eyes don’t. That’s why sunglasses, especially this summer, are as essential as your sunblock, wide-brimmed hats and water bottle.

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair, what timing! We’ve curated some of the best designer brands whose eyewear games are so strong that they can make the summer yours for the taking. 

But if you’re just looking for a sign whether or not to buy a pair, this is it. Go add those feisty cat-eye frames to your cart, girl! There’s no such thing as too many sunglasses, anyway.

Le Specs

Le Specs has been our long-time favourite. Even before female celebs like Rihanna, Gigi and Bella Hadid were seen sporting the Adam Selman x Le Specs collection in 2017. Although these collaborations with the big names in the high fashion industry really propelled the brand, our admiration for the Le Specs go way, way back.

Since its foundation in 1979, Le Specs has proven to us that women’s sunglasses can be innovative, playful, and iconic. We love Le Specs, not only because it’s a homegrown Australian brand, but also because of their unapologetically unique designs. Any lady who wants to bring out their bold and flashy side at least once in a while will certainly love a pair of Le Specs.

Here are only some frames that we’ll never get tired of wearing:

1. Le Specs Electricool

Le Specs Electricool

Le Specs Electricool Matte Black Grey (1902020)

This is not your usual elongated sunnies. It’s angular shape coupled with the aviator-style double bridge pays homage to the timeless classics but at the same time, exudes futuristic vibes that are perfect for ladies out there who are gunning for a very modern and fashion-forward look.

2. Le Specs Liar Liar

Le Specs Liar Liar

Le Specs Liar Liar Polarised Matte Black Grey (1802485)

We’re lying through our teeth if we say this model is not a piece of beauty. It’s sharp and ironically sexy despite its thick frame and oversized lenses. It may be an everyday pair of sunglasses that can effortlessly match any style but there’s something with it that’s alluring and sweet-talks you to buy it. It could be the smoked lenses, or the distinctively 90s shape, we’re not sure. And we’re leaving it for you to find out.

These babies are also available in a Tortoiseshell Frame – check them out here.


3. Le Specs Teen Spirit Deux

Le Specs Teen Spirit Deux

Le Specs Teen Spirit Deux Polarised Matte Tortoiseshell Grey (1802486)

Is it just us, or it really smells like teen spirit in here? Channel your inner rebel with the Le Specs Teen Spirit Deux. It takes the regular rounded silhouette and transforms it into a classy and modern-looking pair of sunnies that can keep up with today’s fashion standards. The Teen Spirit Deux is also available in a Tort Frame with a Brown Gradient Lens and Gloss Black Frame with Smokey Lens.


Click here for more equally fashionable Le Specs sunnies.



Kendall + Kylie

If you’re not familiar with these two sisters, you must be living under a rock. They are the stars of the hit reality US TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, along with other family members. The show was so successful that the family name became almost synonymous to glam, fame and everything that comes with. Including a string of controversies.

But like all courageous women do, Kendall and Kylie decided that they will pave their own path and build their own name and unsurprisingly, their own fashion empire. And they did just that when they unveiled their debut line of sunglasses in 2017. Simply named Kendall + Kylie.

It features a great collection of sunnies that perfectly represents the hip and trendy fashion the two sisters love and follow. From retro aviator silhouettes, to oversized cat-eye frames, Kendall + Kylie designs are bound to complete every style you’re gunning for. These modern designs transcend age brackets as they cater to both the young and young-at-heart generation.

We’re head over heels in love with these models from the sisterly collab:

1. Kendall + Kylie Trinity

Kendall + Kylie Trinity

Kendall + Kylie Trinity Shiny Black Grey (4038-001)

Don’t be surprised that a cat-eye makes the cut. They are just that fashionable, especially for women. The Kendall + Kylie Trinity is on a whole new level, though. This funky cat-eyes always screams attention. Its sleek and polished metallic frame and lenses that are slightly bigger than the rims give this piece that distinctive and daring look. Check them out in the Gold Gradient Flash here.

2. Kendall + Kylie Lancer

Kendall + Kylie Lancer


Kendall + Kylie Lancer Shiny Gunmetal Green (4035-060)

These beauties are nothing short of cool and classy. While rectangular-shaped silhouettes have been a favourite ever since they were conceived, the Kendall + Kylie take is a special one. This pair comes in a very solid yet lightweight frame to make sure comfortability goes hand in hand with style. If you have a round or oval face shape, a Lancer will perfectly enhance those gorgeous facial proportions. You can get these ones in a classic Black Frame as well. 

3. Kendall + Kylie Helene

Kendall + Kylie Helene

Kendall + Kylie Helene Light Gold Gold Flash (4039 717)


The Helene pieces may look like typical aviator shades at first. But give it a second look and watch how the ingenious design unfolds in your face. It’s surprisingly a cat-eye lens in a double-bridged aviator frame! In theory, that would’ve been a disaster. But look just  how gorgeously it came out.

If you’re torn between going classic and going perky, you can always get the best of both worlds with a pair of Kendall + Kylie Helene! These ones come in a variety of colours including the Satin Electric Blue Frame with Grey Lens, the classic Matte Black with Grey Lens pair and teh stunning Light Grey Rose Frame and Grey Silver Flash Lens.


Click here for more celeb-approved Kendall + Kylie sunnies.


Oroton is another homegrown brand with a long history of impeccable craftsmanship and tireless pursuit of the unique Australian sense of beauty.

It started out as an importer of luxurious European textiles in 1938, but soon jumped to design with the aim of revolutionising Aussie fashion. Since then, Oroton has championed a practically beautiful sense of style and more relaxed yet innovative approach to designing and manufacturing everyday pieces.

And true enough, this reimagination of lifestyle products has been successful as Oroton continues to deliver desirable and functional collections of sunglasses. Oroton has never been afraid to give their fresh take on modern classics but are careful not to strip down the comfort and purpose of wearing them.

Don’t believe us? Try these two beauties on and see it for yourself.

1. Oroton Derby

Oroton Derby

Oroton Derby Gloss Tort Grey Green Gradient (1803237)

If you love breaking the ice of wearing single-coloured frames, the playful patterns on a pair of Oroton Derby are to die for. This edgy and modern-looking piece of eyewear is the perfect blend of Oroton’s unique take on high fashion and their unmatched sunglass technology. It’s surprisingly comfortable to wear, too, and can make you a real stunner instantly.

2. Oroton Heritage

Oroton Heritage

Oroton Heritage Gloss Black Brown Gradient (1803220)

Fancy some timeless classic? Oroton’s aptly named Heritage stays true to the brands philosophy of making desirable and functional fashion accessories. Depending on what kind of outfit you’re assembling, it can jump from being trendy to classy without skipping a beat. It’s chic and comfortable design allows you to wear it whether on the beach or on your way to work. Perfect if you just want only one sunglasses that can tie all of your outfits together!


Click here for more stylish pairs of Oroton sunglasses.



Although Valley Eyewear has been in the industry for almost a decade now, Valley is still relatively young compared to the OGs on this list. But it wasn’t never a game of who-came-first, right?

With the raw and bold aesthetics which Valley heavily relies on, Valley Eyewear made their own mark in the industry and rightfully got the stamps of approval from their truehearted accolades. As the founder Michael Cawley describes it, Valley is a “brutalist high-fashion eyewear, something like a love child of Marilyn Manson and Jackie Onassis.”

True enough, their sunglasses are the embodiment of raw strength and confidence that will enhance even a stylistically complex and extremely unique style.  

To make sure that each of their pieces stays true to their philosophies and standards, their collections of rebellious silhouettes are individually crafted by hand. Then passes through another 25 pairs of hands that will painstakingly look for even the tiniest bits of imperfection.  

Marvel at the results of their creative processes and laborious undertakings:

1. Valley A Dead Coffin Club

Valley A Dead Coffin Club

Valley A Dead Coffin Club Matte to Gloss Black Black Gradient (159)


A Dead Coffin Club is an iconic Valley silhouette. It’s a fashion forward piece that displays Valley’s impeccable attention to detail. Just look at the beveled arm and the metal cross inserts. These little intricacies are what make this pair aesthetically unique. Coupled with the Italian CR39 optics made by Carl Zeiss Vision, A Dead Coffin Club is not just for show. It can protect your eyes when you’re going out in style!

These sunnies are available in a huge range of colours, from Black Tort, to Bottle Green and even Peach –  check them all out here.

2. Valley Bang

Valley Bang

Valley Bang Ivory Tort Rose Gold Black Gradient (494)

You know what they say, start your day with a bang! Put on this pair of Valley Bang that’s a total show-off just by itself. It takes inspiration from the classic aviator shape and features in-your-face oversized lenses. Another small detail that we loved about it is the unassuming inset metal brow trim that gives a subtle luxurious feel to it. So aside from a full coverage protection of your eyes, you get the full-on mix of swag and class. Also available in the more classic black styles, check out the Gloss Black and Matte Black options.

3. Valley Seylah

Valley Seylah

Valley Seylah Transparent Red Silver Black Gradient (445)

Take your cat-eye game to a whole new level! While most cat-eye frames are naturally scene-stealers, the Valley Seylah will make you stand out even more. Its extremely angular cat-eye shape and the textured metal detail on the brow are its most prized assets that will separate you from a crowd. If you love getting all the attention, include a pair of Seylah in your arsenal. if you aren’t quite ready for bright red, you can also get them in black. 


Click here if you can’t get enough of Valley’s stylish specs.


Sun’s Out, Shades Out 

Don’t let this summer season just pass by you. Get out of your room and enjoy some 50 shades of sunshine like everybody else does. Plan a trip with your squad, gather up your summer essentials, put on your fave sunnies, and sing some sailor chant on your way to the beach.

If you want to level up your summer look last year, that’s easy! All you need is a new pair of sunglasses that will protect your lovely eyes from the sun while perking up your style at the same time. And everything on this list can do just that.

But if you’re still having second thoughts on these stylish models, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. We boast a great collection of chic sunglasses from renowned designer brands that will make every fashionista like you giggle in excitement!

Just prepare your Afterpay, though. Because we’re sure you wouldn’t leave our site without scoring a pair of sunglasses!



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