How Caring For Your Sunglasses Keeps Them in Mint Condition

How Caring For Your Sunglasses Keeps Them in Mint Condition

 You have finally found the perfect pair of sunglasses. Congratulations!

You have invested quite an amount of your time looking through many brands and models, deciding whether each one would fit well on your face and with your lifestyle. Finally owning it can feel exhilarating.

We have come up with a few tips that can help lengthen the life of your sunglasses, especially when it is prone to frequent wear and tear.

Scratches look awful

Really, they do.

It affects the integrity of the sunglasses and makes it look worn and old. When the lens itself gets scratched, your vision could be impaired. Besides, seeing your latest designer glasses with scratches can be a bummer.

Sunglasses always come with its own hard case. Make sure to use them. If you find them bulky, you can buy your own at a local optical shop.

uncared for sunglasses

Chucking it in your bag where there are many loose objects (like keys) can really do a number on your shades.

Make it a habit to never place them face down on any surface too.

Check out this Ray-Ban Wayfarer that comes with its iconic black Ray-Ban case.

Proper Cleaning

You know that small piece of cloth that comes with your sunglasses? DON’T LOSE THEM.

These handy microfibre cleaning cloths were made to wipe the surface of your sunglasses, from the delicate lenses down to the tips. Microfibre cloths are perfect as they are gentle and are lens-safe.

Stop reaching for a paper towel or tissue. Paper towels can cause tiny scratches on your lens, as do tissue like Kleenes. Not only do they leave scratches but it may even affect the sunglasses’s polarisation.

Here’s a pro tip from Great Southern Sunnies: Never wipe your sunglasses dry. Depending on the brand, you may use a lens cleaner, water with a bit of soap, or simply warm water. You may place your sunglasses under running water before wiping them.

This Serengeti Erice not only comes with a hard case, but also a soft bag that doubles up as a cleaning cloth.

Your Sunglasses isn’t a Headband

It may look ultra cool when you place your sunglasses on the top of your head but you run the risk of damaging your sunnies. The screws could loosen, and might fall off your head. The nose pads can also be damaged.

If you don’t intend to wear it, return it to its hard case.

The Fendi 360 looks better on your face than on your head.

Avoid Excessive Heat

sunbathing with sunglasses on

If you have a habit of leaving your sunglasses on your car’s dashboard, do yourself a favour and reach for the hard case that comes with it. Leaving it in the car where it can be exposed to the heat of the sun can greatly damage the sunglasses in so many ways. For one thing, since most sunglasses are made of plastic, the heat could distort its shape.

It would be a shame if your Gucci 010 gets deformed.

Be Hygienic

Aside from wiping the lens, don’t neglect the nose pads and the sides of the frames too. It is quite common for grease to build up in these areas so for hygienic reasons, it is best to wipe them too from time to time.

Your Spy Flynn deserves all the care in the world.

Check the Screws

Periodically check if the screws are still tightly on. If you feel that the sunglasses are too loose, the screws might just need a bit of tightening up. You may do it yourself if you have a small screwdriver lying around, or you can drop by your local optical shop and have it tightened there. One of the reasons why it loosens is frequent use and if you have a habit of placing it on the top of your head.

You’ll get this Maui Jim Red Sands in tip top shape when you order from Great Southern Sunnies. Keep it that way by simply taking good care of it.

sunglasses hanging from shirt

Next Level Care

Owning a superb, high quality pair of sunglasses is such an underrated privilege today. Make sure to give it proper care and maintenance by following our tips so you won’t have to keep on replacing damaged ones (and eventually breaking the bank).

At Great Southern Sunnies we relish the times we spend outdoors, and we know you do too. This is why we offer only the best brands at competitive prices. All our sunglasses are shipped from Melbourne and have a 30-day replacement guarantee. Grab those sunnies you have been eyeing by using your credit card, PayPal, and the hugely popular AfterPay.

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