New At GSS for 2019

New At GSS for 2019

From Arnette to Ray-Ban, GSS is rocking the hottest styles in eyewear this Summer. Pick one, (or several), to round out your sunglasses collection, and get ready to hear your friends ask all about your new sunnies.

From active lifestyles to our new kid’s models, Great Southern Sunnies has everyone’s eyes covered in 2019.

Dragon Mick Fanning Signature Model, Baile H20

Dragon teamed up with World Champion surfer Mick Fanning to release the Baile (pronounced bahl-yay), which is Gaelic for “home” or “place”, in reference to Fanning’s Irish heritage. These days, Mick travels the world in search of the next great wave, but he’s never without his signature sunglasses.

The Baile offers clean lines and polarized lenses that reduce glare. They’re perfect for those who like to be around the water or even for everyday wear. They also float, which is perfect for a surfer.

h20 floatable polarised


Arnette, 50:50 Grand

Arnette lives by the mantra of doing things your way while having fun. One way to do that is to grab these classic aviator glasses with a twist. Unlike the typical aviator wire frames, these glasses have a larger frame made of lightweight plastic. Whether you’re on boards or wheels, you’ll get maximum durability and maximum style points.They shades look great on round, oval, and square faces.

Ray-Ban Junior Range

Kids deserve world class eye protection too! Made with the same high-quality materials as the adult line of Ray-Ban glasses, you can choose from kid-friendly styles including aviators, the Izzy, and the Erika. The Izzy and Erika are both made of lightweight metal, and available with gradient lenses to add colour to your child’s life.

Junior-size Ray-Bans are developed specifically for smaller faces, so they won’t overwhelm your child’s features.

Le Specs

Beloved by trendsetters around the world, the Le Specs brand has been worn by famous faces like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid. The sunglass maker is turning out stylish new looks including the Zephyr Deux, Teen Spirit Deux, and a new colour option in the popular No Smirking.
The Zephyr Deux looks great on both men and women. A fresh take on round lenses, the subtle curve of the Zephyr Deux lenses is very on-trend. Rock out on the stage with these, or wear them around town to display your sense of style.

If you dig round frames, the Teen Spirit Deux are for you. Available in navy and tort brown, they lend a studious elegance to the wearer.

Both Deux styles look especially great on those with square faces. Round or round-ish lenses soften angular jawlines.

The vintage-inspired No Smirking frames recall classic film stars, especially in the white and gold colour combination. They’ll go well with a vintage convertible, and dress up any outfit. They also come in blue, milky tort, and tortoise, so you can mix and match them.

Oroton, Estate Sunglasses

Since 1938, Oroton has set the standard for luxury. These rectangular cat’s-eye frames are no different. They’ll level up any wardrobe and wearing them will make you feel oh-so-elegant. Oroton offers beautiful acetate frames in colours like tortoiseshell with brown mono lenses and gold hardware; and sleek black frames with grey, gradient lenses.

Dragon, Remix Mt.

Active lifestyles love the Dragon Remix. Woodgrain is the newest colour selection within the collection, lending a slight “Mad Men” look to the sporty shades. From the slopes to the marina, these sunglasses will keep you looking great while protecting your eyes. The lenses are bronze with ionized lenses to reduce glare and cut harmful rays.

These shield-style sunglasses look best on those with strong features.

Spy, Discord Mt

These 80’s inspired shades will make you feel like a rock video star. Made from practically indestructible Grilamid®, they offer 5-barrel hinges, ARC® lenses, and 100% UV protection. Happy customers say, “they’re fly” and “they look awesome”, to which we agree. They look great on oval faces.

Ray-Ban, 4264 x 2 and 4263 x 2

Since 1937, Ray-Ban has been making people look stylish while offering great eye protection. Choose classic black with silver lenses, or mix it up with a black/blue combo, or tortoise/bronze. Ray-Bans have Chromance colour enhancing polarized lenses to protect your eyes and sharpen the contrasts.

What is Chromance? We’re glad you asked. Ray-Ban describes it as the lens for those who love colour. These lenses are specially designed to sharpen colours, contrast, and contours, so you see colours the way they’re meant to be seen.

Shop Best Prices Ray Ban 4264

The Benefits of Polarized Lenses

Decades of research shows that polarized lenses block 99% of reflected light. By reflecting the majority of glare, they reduce eye fatigue and enhance your vision. The reason why polarized lenses improve vision is that they boost contrast, so there’s more definition and colours are sharper.

Polarized lenses also reduce the amount of damaging ultraviolet light that come through the lenses.

Choose Your Shades

If you’re looking for some hot new summer shades that are easy on your eyes, you’ve got an abundance of great options at Great Southern Sunnies. Now that you know what’s in for 2019, which sunnies do you want?

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