Shoppers Guide to This Summer’s Ray Bans

Shoppers Guide to This Summer’s Ray Bans

With the weather heating up, everyone’s looking for that perfect pair of shades, and what says “Summer” more than a pair of iconic Ray Bans? Elvis Costello wore them, so have the Blues Brothers. Even Beyonce has been known to flaunt a pair of these shades.

Ray Bans are known for their classic look, while maintaining an exciting, trendy image at the same time. And these days? With their beach ready frames, almost everyone, from instagram models, to celebrities, are rockin’ them on social media.

Can you blame them? They’re more than just a brand statement; these shades look great on everybody, because there’s a model for every facial structure.

So whether you’re looking to add to your sunglasses collection, or buy your first pair, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.

If you’ve worn Ray Bans before, you may already know the perfect frame and model for your face. But if you’re looking for your first pair, then you’ll want to know a few basics about the Ray Ban design family.

First off, there are four major Ray Ban designs. The Aviators, the Round, the Wayfarers, and the Clubmasters. There are additional best-selling designs like The Erika or The Chris, but these four are the originals.

In just a minute, we’ll share a way to choose the best frame shape for your face, as well as ensure you’re getting authentic Ray Bans. But first, let’s look at the best-selling designs.

Two of the Biggest Ray Ban Social Media Favorites in 2018

Two very “on-trend” Ray Ban styles you’ll see on Instagram these days are the Ray Ban Round Eye 3447 and the flat, hexagonal lens version. Both complement men and women, and are known for their popularity with Hollywood A-Listers.

Sporting a retro vibe, the 3447 model has been spotted on the likes of Beyoncé and Justin Bieber and they add a cool 60’s look to any outfit with their casual look.

The hexagonal lens model is a mashup of a circle with a square. Originally designed for the military, these flat lenses fit into thin metal frames, but these days, you’re more likely to spot them on the fashion runway, gracing models like Gigi Hadid. Liam Hemsworth and Lucy Hale are also fans of these stunning shades.

Both sunglass styles offer lenses in colors like classic green, gold, lilac, and blue so you can choose your combo.

Minimalism for the Win

While we wouldn’t call any Ray Ban’s oversized, the Ran Ban 3447’s are especially small sunglasses that look great on both men and women – especially those with smaller faces. Trend-wise they have a unique 60’s and 70’s vibe, which perfectly complements a casual Summer style.

This model works with everything, from the office, to the red carpet.

The Classic Erika and Clubmaster

If you’re looking for a simple, comfortable and casual pair of Ray Bans, look no further than The Erika. This has been a top seller for the last several seasons and shows no sign of slowing down. For good reason too, because these sleek yet understated shades come in four neutral colors that mesh with anything.

The Clubmaster is an iconic style for those who like to project an air of upscale leisure with a hint of intellectualism. The 50’s style speaks of afternoon cocktails after a round of golf, perhaps with a side of shop talk. They’re perfect for beautiful Summer weddings, or other events where elegance is appreciated.

Ray Ban 3647

If you’re looking for something more trend-setting, then check out the Ray Ban 3647. It features a round eye shape and the very “on-trend” double bridge, popular in the sunglass world these days. This is an understated style that still manages to make a stunning impression.

As a side note, you can pair any of these models with your prescription for top-notch, functional sunglasses. The other thing to know about buying your Ray Bans is that in addition to lens color, you can choose polarization, or mirrored lenses for certain designs.

How to Choose the Right Sunglass Shape for Your Face

As you may notice, these styles are round, rectangular, square, and hexagonal. You may wonder which shape will look the best on you. Here are some rough guidelines.

Generally speaking, those with round or oval faces will fare well with round styles or rectangles so the Ray Ban 3647, 3447, or The Erika will look great.

Angular faces should rock round, rectangle, or square styles. Think The Clubmaster, the Hexagonal 3548, or the 3647 and 3447.

How to Make Sure You Get Authentic Ray Bans

Cheap knock offs lack the quality and guarantee of this iconic, 70-year-old company. To make sure you get the true Ray Ban experience, only purchase your glasses through an authorized dealer.

Now, that you know some of our Ray Ban Summer favorites, which one(s) will you choose?

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