The GSS Guide to the 2019 Oakley Range

The GSS Guide to the 2019 Oakley Range

Not only is Oakley known for stylish, everyday shades; but also for eyewear that maximizes your vision. Unlike sunglasses that reduce your field of vision when they block the light, Oakley sunglasses improve your sight and heighten the contrast between colours. The result is sharper vision and truer colours, plus added protection from damaging UV rays.

This guide to some of the highest performing Oakley sunglasses on the market will help you choose the right pair, whether you’re looking for high-performance sportswear, or casual.

Your Guide to Oakley Styles

Oakley has long dominated both the sport wear and casual wear markets with their sporty sunglasses, and with good reason.

2019 is making a few new colours and styles available. These include new colour options in the popular Holbrook style, and the highly touted Prizm technology in the Cross Range Shield.

If you like a classic look, the popular Holbrook style has new colours. In addition to the basic black, now there is a stylish woodgrain. There are also multiple lens colours to choose from. The Holbrook has a classic elegance that recalls the leading men of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and says to all that you’re a person of substance. The high definition optic lenses help you see clearly, and like all Oakley lenses block 100% of harmful rays.

You can choose from a range of lens colours, including smoke grey and sapphire, to add a nice touch. If you want a larger size frame, the Holbrook XL is for you. Great classics like the Holbrook never go out of style.

Oakley Wrap Arounds

Some of Oakley’s most popular styles are their sporty wrap arounds. They’ve recently released new styles that are quickly finding popularity. Two of these are the Turbine and Turbine Rotor, a couple great styles for active people who want a strong look.

Some ask, what’s the difference between the Turbine styles and the Double Edge? While they share some similar style characteristics, the biggest difference is performance. If you’re an Oakley fan, you probably aware of Unobtainium, the patented rubberized grip that keeps your Oakley sunglasses in place no matter how much you sweat.

While the Turbines and Double Edge all have Unobtainium, the Double Edge doesn’t have it on the temples which gives it a sleeker look. This extra grip makes the Turbine styles a better choice for heavy sports, while the Double Edge is a good choice for everyday wear. Double Edge is also one of Oakley’s larger wrap around styles, making it ideal for strong featured faces.

Love the Double Edge but think it’s too big for your face? No problem! The Drop Point is Oakley’s smaller fit wrap arounds, and popular for smaller faces. Both are constructed of O Matter, which means they’re super lightweight and tough to break.

The Cross Range Shield is a step away from traditional Oakley styling, but looks great. Perfect for everyday sunglasses, it’s almost like two pairs of sunglasses in one. It comes with two sets of arms so you can partially swap out the frames to give you either a sporty look or a lifestyle look.

The Cross Range Shield features the Prizm colour enhancement lens technology. Based on decades of color science research, this technology maximizes contrast and enhances visibility for rich colors.

Beyond the frame shape and style, you’ll also want to consider the kind of vision you need for your lifestyle, and the colour of your lenses. Whether you’re a golfer or a snowboarder, GSS has the right Oakleys for you.

The Importance of Lens Colour

Far from simply choosing to look at the world through a rose coloured (or blue) lens, the colour of your sunglass lenses can make a difference in how clear you see. Some tints are better in certain situations. For example, Oakley red iridium polarized lenses reduce glare and balance out the contrasts in colours. They’re perfect for sunny conditions and we recommend them for hikers and bikers.

General Guidelines for Choosing Lens Colours

Yellow/Orange – These tints will increase contrast in hazy and low-light situations. We recommend them for the slopes.

Green – Green filters blue light, reducing glare and sharpening your vision. They also reduce eyestrain. Green lens are excellent for golf, tennis, and baseball.

Amber/Brown – These also block blue light which improves your vision. We recommend these for water sports, golf, and hunting.

Black/Grey – These are good for daily wear, and blocking the glare bouncing off sidewalks or roads.

With all Oakley sunglasses, you can choose the colour of your lenses so they fit your lifestyle and fashion sense best.

Now that you’ve reviewed the new Oakley styles and lens options for 2019, which will you choose?

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