The Most Popular Sunglass Designs of 2018

The Most Popular Sunglass Designs of 2018


Whether your look is classic or sporty, stylish sunglasses are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to your outfit. But designs constantly change and we understand it can be tough to find the right pair. That’s why we’ve got our eyes on the top trend setting sunnies of 2018.

These are a few of the most popular (and current!) sunglass designs from brands like Dragon, Ray Ban and more, to help you find a pair that speaks to your individual style. Or just mix and match them according to your wardrobe!

Upgrade Your Accessory Game with These Popular Sunglass Designs

Whether you’re looking to fill gaps in your sunglasses collection, or you’re simply looking for a new “go to” pair of shades, here are six of our best-selling brands and their top designs.


The Dragon brand is built for active lifestyles so you know they’ll hold up to sun, snow, and sand. These high-performance shades offer excellent eye protection no matter whether you’re on at the beach, the slopes, or headed to the office.

Dragon Fame Black with Rose Gold Lens – One of Dragon’s newest models, these classic square lenses are oversized and sporty. They look great whether you’re headed for the waves or cruising through town. Plus you’ll always be looking at the bright side while viewing the world through rose gold lenses.

Dragon Fame Jet Black with Grey Lens – The Fame also comes in black with a grey lens. They have the same oversized sporty look, but in black and grey. Get one of each to match different moods.

Dragon Fame Woodgrain – This is the newest color option in the Dragon Fame collection. It’s perfect for those who want to add a classic vibe to their look.

Dragon Remix Green Nebula – All eyes will be on you because these sunnies make a bold statement. The single, shield-type lens has a futuristic look reminiscent of The Terminator. Wallflowers need not apply.

Dragon Remix Copper Marble – The Remix continued, this is the most popular color after the green nebula.

Each of these energetic styles will look great on guys with strong bone structure.

Another brand popular with athletic types (or at least want to look like they’re athletic!) is the Carrera 22. This classic brand has re-released their best-selling Carrera 22, making them the epitome of cool with their sleek styling.

But what about those of you who love a good vintage style? There’s good news. We’ve checked out several brands that really nail retro, and one of those is Le Specs.

Le Specs

Since 1979, Le Specs have been keeping sunglass wearers looking sharp with their classic looks. It’s a bonus that these budget-friendly options all weigh in at under a $100.

Tweedledum – Your “go to” everyday shades. Get ready for the compliments in these minimalist rectangle sunglasses, whether you’re in Wonderland or Melbourne.

Master Tamers – You can’t go wrong with your basic black wayfarers. They never go out of style and look great with everything. Every well-rounded sunglass wardrobe needs a pair!

Bandwagon – Slick back your hair and grab a guitar, because this updated take on the popular 50’s style will bring out your inner Elvis and project an unmistakable air of cool. Bonus: these shades work well for both guys and gals.

Dirty Magic – These oversized frames are perfect for days when you’re feeling a bit tough (or let people know to stay out of your way!)

No Biggie – Another fresh approach on a 50’s style, this design comes in colors from black with black lenses, to white with gold lenses to suit all tastes. We especially like the white with gold lenses for a “pop” of color.


Otis sunglasses grew out of the Australian surf culture and urban lifestyles of Sydney, and it shows. They offer excellently stylish eye protection for active lifestyles.

Our most popular design is the Young Blood. This is a cool, classic wayfarer style that currently comes in six colors including grey and woodgrain. It’s a timeless look that never goes out of fashion.

Ray Ban

You can’t write about trendsetting sunglasses and ignore Ray Ban. Since 1937, these perennial best-sellers have been providing quality eye protection. Here are three of our favorites

Erika – This classic ladies’ style has a slight round shape that flatters many faces. They come in a range of colors to complement every mood and outfit.

Chris – The Men’s version of the Erika, these are a little more masculine with a squarer lens.

Clubmaster – The iconic Clubmasters are the favored look for intellectuals and the country club set. These are the sunglasses for roadtrippin’ in a vintage Mercedes with the top down.

Now that you know our picks for the top sunglass designs of 2018, you’re ready to kick off Summer in style!

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