Things To Look Out For When Buying Sunglasses Online

Things To Look Out For When Buying Sunglasses Online

A lot of people see sunglasses as mere accessories; something that can easily spruce up or dress down an outfit. It is effortless to view sunnies as a vital component of our daily garb when we are flooded with photos upon photos of celebrities donning the latest and trendiest sunglasses available in the market today.

Sometimes thinking about the importance of owning one becomes secondary. On a bright sunny day, sunglasses offer protection from the harmful rays of the sun. When the gusts of wind are strong, sunnies prevent dust and other physical debris from entering our eyes.

Realising that style and functionality can go hand in hand when it comes to sunglasses provides such a relief to those who don’t want their fashion sense to suffer in the name of eye protection.

Here are things you should consider before buying a pair of sunglasses:

UV Protection

Ultraviolet radiation from the biggest star in the solar system (aka the sun) is a health hazard. Would you believe that 99% of its rays never really reach Earth? Roughly only 1% is felt by us but this small number can be deadly. Thankfully, many people nowadays are aware of its harmful effects to the human body, especially on the skin and eyes.

While sunglasses usually signify a day at the beach, let’s not forget that even on cloudy days UV rays are still very much present. In fact it can be more damaging. The clouds act as filters that make the rays more compact as they penetrate through the skies.

Another thing to think about is how dark the lenses are. Darker lens don’t offer more protection so don’t be fooled by those extremely dark lenses.

Coloured lenses, which can look trendy and cool, don’t also give more protection. It can, however, change the way you view the world. For example:

● Red lenses – enhance contrast

● Brown and green lenses – improve depth perception, minimise glare, and amp up contrast and clarity

● Yellow and orange lenses – also improves depth perception as well as contrast

Polarised lenses, on the other hand, significantly reduces the sun’s glare. A polarised pair of sunnies would be ideal for you if you enjoy driving and water sports.

Most sunglasses now have a label or tag that says its lens will 100% protect your eyes from UV rays. Always check if the pair you are considering has such a tag. If not, don’t even think twice. Move on to the next pair.

Size Counts

The bigger the sunnies, the better the coverage.

Luckily for women, there have been a number of styles that offer wide-rimmed sunglasses that protect not just their eyes but also the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Wrinkles are most likely to appear around the eyes when it is exposed too much to the elements. Wearing a pair that will help combat this sign of aging is always a plus.

Men are not lagging far behind in terms of designs. Many are not afraid to consider buying a pair that is typically wider or bigger than normal. The classic aviator style of shades is still a good go-to for the man who wishes to be protected yet classy at the same time.

Wraparound style of shades is another design you should consider, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors. Its style cuts any harmful UV rays from entering from the side.

Don’t Think About Costs

Sunglasses don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. As long as it offers 100% UV protection and the style is to your liking, then no matter how much you spend — whether it’s $50 or $500 — should be a worthwhile investment.

Why It Matters

When you buy the right pair of sunglasses, you are buying eye protection that is irreplaceable.

The UV rays from the sun are actually into two types: UVA and UVB rays

UVB Rays – These rays are responsible for causing sunburn and the dreaded big C — cancer. These intense rays vary throughout the year, making it the strongest during the summer months (specifically between 10 am to 4 pm). As the earth’s axis moves and tilts more towards the sun, UVB rays become more pronounced. Winter, spring, or fall aren’t excused from the hazardous effects of UVB rays; it is still very much felt during these times (continuing to cause sun and eye damage) and can actually be heightened by the stark whiteness of snow.

UVA Rays - Accounting for 95% of the UV rays that reach earth, UVA rays don’t vary in terms of intensity but are still pretty harmful. There have been recent studies that linked UVA rays to the development of skin cancer. Photoaging, the skin’s response to consistent exposure to the sun, is premature skin aging. Wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin are just one of the effects of repeatedly (and irresponsibly) subjecting ourselves to harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses should be seen as an investment; after all, it was invented to protect one of the key senses of the human body, our vision.

Polarised sunnies are making a splash as it not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, but it also greatly reduces the sun’s glare. What a combination! The best part? Great Southern Sunnies carries polarised sunglasses. We take pride in partnering with brands that prioritise eye health as well as style and comfort.

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