Top 5 Sunglasses From Dragon

Top 5 Sunglasses From Dragon

Need a new pair of sunglasses for a summer at the beach, or simply wandering around the boardwalk in style? It’s not only important to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, but if you’re an active person with an interest in sports like surfing, fishing, paragliding, or even something as straightforward as running, you’re probably interested in a sturdy, sports-oriented pair of sunglasses that are meant for the rigor of active use.

We carry a range of sunglasses from the brand Dragon.

Dragon was founded in a Capo Beach, California garage by Will Howard. His goal was an eyewear brand that supported his sports passions: surfing, snowboarding, and motocross. Will began distributing his sunglasses at local surf shops. Before long, he was selling them outside of California in places like Florida and Hawaii. And now, Dragon sunglasses are available across the world…and what better place than Australia?

While Dragon has a range of sports equipment, sunglasses are still their primary product. And for good reason! Below, check out some of our product line from Dragon.

Dragon Aflect

With free express delivery via Australia Post, we think this style of the Dragon Aflect is the perfect pair of matte black sunglasses. It’s understated but fashionable, and is made from Dragon’s sturdy construction.

Dragon Domo

This new Dragon Domo has a matte black front, and a purple reverse. The lenses are an ionised purple, guaranteeing a striking contrast. You’ll be noticed in these.

Dragon Fame

Spend a lot of time in the water? Don’t worry about losing your sunglasses on the water with these Dragon Fame glasses, which are floatable. Surf, boat, or swim? It only makes sense!

Dragon Hex

These sunglasses might be some of the coolest frames we’ve seen in a long time. The purple lens and aggressive styling will make the matte black Dragon Hex a surefire favorite.

Dragon Jam

If it could get more stylish than the Dragon Hex, it might be the new Dragon Jam Remix Owen Wright sunglasses. These shades have a red polarised lens and a unique frame.

We’re proud to carry Dragon sunglasses, and we’re available to answer any questions you might have. We’re offering free shipping across Australia, and our glasses ship straight from Melbourne. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’ve got any questions!

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