What’s So Special About Otis Sunglasses?

What's So Special About Otis Sunglasses?

Every now and then a sunglasses brand comes along that changes the game and really offers something different.

You’re probably reading this and thinking, ‘how different can a pair of sunnies really be?’, and hey, not too long ago, we were just like you. We thought the biggest difference between one pair of sunnies to the next is the shape and yeah, probably the colour.

Well, over the years, we’ve come to learn that the differences are much more than these superficial ones, and that a lot more goes into the creation of a pair of sunglasses that we ever thought possible.

To demonstrate this, we’re going to tell you about totally game-changing brand that has found their perfect spot in the sunglasses market.

So, sit back and strap in to learn exactly why it’s worth investing your hard-earned cash into a pair of Otis sunnies.

First up though, who is Otis?

How did Otis sunglasses start?

Believe it or not, Otis sunglasses have been around for quite some time – just over two decades, in fact.

Otis isn’t the founder or anything, it’s just a name – the founder of Otis sunglasses is John Malloy.

Back in 2000, at the dawn of the new Millenia, Malloy saw that while there were endless sunglasses brands, varieties and styles, out there that were basically all offering the exact same thing.

The vast majority were using materials that were cheap and that had their flaws – one of which being their environmental impact (more on that later).

The materials that really captured Malloy’s attention were those used to make lenses. So many sunglasses’ styles used CR39, which is a type of resin, or the lenses were made from polycarbonate.

While these materials have their benefits – the biggest of which being that they are cheaper materials, so they help keep costs low – Malloy saw this as an opportunity for another kind of lens to be used in sunglasses – mineral glass lens.

The aim was to create sunglasses that could obviously provide the protection we need from UV rays; that are durable and able to withstand an eclectic lifestyle; sunnies that look good; and ones that are not going to cost the Earth – literally.

So, from Australia’s western surf coast, the Otis sunglasses brand was born.

otis matte finish

What’s mineral glass?

Ok, so lots of sunglass’s brands use glass to make their lenses, but we’re not talking about any old kind of glass, we’re talking about mineral glass.

Mineral glass is actually made and sourced from natural elements, like sand and soda ash. It’s a non-toxic substance that can also be recycled, so if the time ever comes that you need to part with your Otis sunnies, you aren’t going to be adding to landfill.

What makes mineral glass an ideal lens material is that despite being sourced from notoriously difficult to see through things, like sand and soda ash, mineral glass offers optical excellence.

It’s distortion-free and is extremely difficult to scratch – we would say impossible, however, not many things are impossible, but you can watch a video on the Otis eyewear site that shows these lenses not even being phased by a stanley knife.

Most glass used in other sunglasses and glasses is crown glass, and while it is also extremely durable and hard to scratch, it not quite as scratch-resistant as mineral glass, mineral glass is recognised as the most scratch-resistant lens material on the planet.

Unlike plastic lenses, like CR39s or polycarbonate ones, mineral glass lenses will not flex under pressure or stress. Its strength is natural and doesn’t require any additional coatings or layers in the manufacturing process, though it is thermally hardened through a heating and cooling process to make it even stronger.

But, if you’ve ever worn glasses or sunglasses with glass lenses, you probably know that they are heavier than those with plastic lenses. Well, when it comes to mineral glass, this is a hybrid glass that offers twice the strength of crown glass, but it is about half its weight. So, you can enjoy all the benefits (and then some) that come from wearing glass lenses with a lot less drawbacks.

otis sunglasses packaging

Functional, Stylish, Eco-Conscious and Extremely Well Made – That’s Otis

As you can probably tell, a lot of thought has gone into the Otis sunglasses brand.

From the materials used, to the rigorous testing they undergo, to their concern of their environmental impact, there is a lot going on in the Otis eyewear world.

In addition to the incredible benefits that come from using mineral glass, the sunglasses themselves are just insanely well-made.

When you just hold a pair of Otis sunglasses you can feel the difference in the quality.

Even down to the hinges – the hinges in a pair of Otis sunnies are super high quality, with each pair using the Italian-designed Visottica hinge. While you might not think you care about hinges, when it comes to sunnies, you should, because they are one of the most overworked part of any pair of sunglasses. When it comes to Visottica hinges, these babies have been made to last, you can open and shut them literally thousands of times, and they won’t lose their smoothness or come loose.

Though they aren’t as heavy as other glass lensed sunglasses, the slightly weighter feel (we mean heavier than plastic) lends a top notch feel to them as well.

Each pair is handcrafted to the absolute highest standards, with every single framed checked and finished by hand.

When it comes to the style designs, they are nothing to sneeze at either. Clever contours and curves provide a comfortable fit, while the size and shape of the lenses have been designed to offer maximum protection. The designs have also been specifically chosen to be stylish but transcend trends and fashions that are not long lasting – instead Otis chooses to focus on creating styles that are timeless and going to actually look good on you.

So, we’ve got sunglasses that are going to last and look great in the process, let’s talk about their appeal to eco-conscious crowd.

We’ve mentioned that mineral glass is a highly environmentally (and human) friendly material. But Otis have also gone to great lengths to prove their commitment to reducing their environmental impact by removing all non-biodegradable plastic from their packaging. Otis package their glasses in a reusable cleaning cloth, which is then protected by a reusable case, which is then packed into a recycled cardboard box.

How much are Otis sunglasses?

So, with all this good stuff, are you going to be paying an arm and a leg for a pair of Otis sunglasses?

In short no – but they will cost more than some other sunnies out there.

Otis sunnies are in a similar pricing ball park as Oakleys and Ray Bans, sitting between that $160-$300 price range. The variance in price is down to optional extra features like polarisation.

They aren’t a pair you’re going to buy on a whim, but they aren’t going to set you back a ridiculous amount either.

Otis sunglasses are a slightly pricier option than sunglasses that are made using cheaper materials, like plastic and resin, however, you’ve got to weigh it up and consider some factors.

You need to think about why you’re buying them, if you’re buying a pair of sunnies for a costume or dress up party, then they probably aren’t the right choice.

But if you’re looking for a pair that is going to last you a lifetime or at least a very long time, then this is the brand for you. They aren’t going to break, scratch or be damaged easily. They have been built to last and the high-quality materials mean that your eyes are not going to work as hard anymore. Plus, the beautiful designs are always going to look good and not fade into the fashion abyss as fast as Chumbawamba’s music career did.

Some of Otis’ most notable sunglasses include the Omars, Summer of 67s, the After Darks and the Young Blood pairs. Check them out here.

So, you want to buy a pair of Otis sunglasses?

If you’re ready to invest in the best sunnies you’re ever going to own, then you’re already in the right place (well, almost – this is the right place).

Here at Great Southern Sunnies, we have a huge range of the latest styles and as well as the cult classic Otis sunglasses styles. We work hard to make sure we’ve got a bit of everything and at pretty damn good prices too. And just to make the deal even sweeter, we’ve got AfterPay and lots of other payment options AND we do free express shipping for orders over $80.

Get your Otis sunglasses online in Australia from Great Southern Sunnies.

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