Sunglasses for Outdoor Activities

If you're spending any time outside this summer, a pair of sunglasses is a must for you. Sunglasses block the UV light from directly hitting your eyeballs and reduce the chance of certain conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. They further reduce eyestrain whenever it’s bright outside, and in

Things To Look Out For When Buying Sunglasses Online

A lot of people see sunglasses as mere accessories; something that can easily spruce up or dress down an outfit. It is effortless to view sunnies as a vital component of our daily garb when we are flooded with photos upon photos of celebrities donning the latest and trendiest sunglasses

Why Rayban Wayfarers are Classics

Arguably one of the most iconic sunglasses in the world today is the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. It has been synonymous to rock n roll, beach escapades, and high society living. Its History Believe it or not, Ray-Ban was almost shelved by parent company Bausch and Lomb when sales were dismal and

The GSS Guide to the 2019 Oakley Range

Not only is Oakley known for stylish, everyday shades; but also for eyewear that maximizes your vision. Unlike sunglasses that reduce your field of vision when they block the light, Oakley sunglasses improve your sight and heighten the contrast between colours. The result is sharper vision and truer colours, plus

New At GSS for 2019

From Arnette to Ray-Ban, GSS is rocking the hottest styles in eyewear this Summer. Pick one, (or several), to round out your sunglasses collection, and get ready to hear your friends ask all about your new sunnies. From active lifestyles to our new kid’s models, Great Southern Sunnies has everyone’s eyes covered in 2019.

The Most Popular Sunglass Designs of 2018

  Whether your look is classic or sporty, stylish sunglasses are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to your outfit. But designs constantly change and we understand it can be tough to find the right pair. That’s why we’ve got our eyes on the top trend setting sunnies

Shoppers Guide to This Summer’s Ray Bans

With the weather heating up, everyone’s looking for that perfect pair of shades, and what says “Summer” more than a pair of iconic Ray Bans? Elvis Costello wore them, so have the Blues Brothers. Even Beyonce has been known to flaunt a pair of these shades. Ray Bans are known for

7 Sunglass Brands To Look For In 2018

Oroton Oroton is a luxury fashion company based in Australia. The company was founded in 1939 as a private company called Boyd Lane. Almost fifty years later, the company went public by the name Oroton in 1987. Since then, the company has expanded it's line of fashion and luxury designer wear,

Top 5 Sunglasses From Dragon

Need a new pair of sunglasses for a summer at the beach, or simply wandering around the boardwalk in style? It's not only important to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, but if you're an active person with an interest in sports like surfing, fishing, paragliding, or even something

How Does UV Blocking Work In Sunglasses

Do you wear sunglasses? If so, why? Hopefully, the answer is something along the lines of “to keep the sun out of my eyes,” but what does this mean? Why is it important to keep the sun out of your eyes, and how do sunglasses accomplish this? As with anything,